Friday, June 09, 2017

Ram Gopal Varma Shared Sania Mirza’s Embarrassing Picture on Instagram

RGV Shared Sania Mirza Embarrassing Picture on Instagram
The Person who is the care of address for controversy Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) had reached his limits and now he crossed his lines to share tennis star Sania Mirza’s Embarrassing Picture on Instagram.We know that RGV quit Twitter for his own reasons which we don’t understand. Now he is on Instagram as he made a statement that he just quit Twitter but not sharing his views and thoughts with people.

He RGV said that he will now share his views and thoughts on Instagram as it will reach even more people with an extra feature in the form of a Video. who has been sharing mostly the pictures of naked girls and photos of explicit sexual content ever since he joined Instagram, he has now shared a pic that seems he had crossed his limits.Recently, RGV shared a picture of Sania Mirza where her underwear exposed.

RGV wrote while sharing: ‘A girl told someone, MBSLBCI reminded her of, though she was very good at Tennis her father refused to permit her to play beyond an age because she will have to wear skirts. The film is about exposing these regressive minds who use a girl’s sexuality against herself’.

RGV Shared Sania Mirza’s Embarrassing Picture on Instagram

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We have to wait and see how would Sania Mirza reacts for this RGV's post goes to her notice.

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